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Vasanthi Isaiah, D. Min; Registrar and Dean of Students at BIU | 2011

I write this to my graduates in the main, but I also write to all our current students, our alumni around the world, and to the Body of Christ at-large.

I have mixed feelings as I write this. One hand I feel sad that we will miss you, but it also gives us great joy to see you moving on to another phase of your life and ministry. I have been involved quite closely with you all in the course of your training with us – from one to three years in administering Spiritual Formation in different ways. Indeed how fast time flies and it is time to go! Several of you will be working in and through your Churches, and others of you will go to start new schools of missionary training to multiply missionaries. May I assure you that God who called you will always be with you and when the road becomes tough at times, He will carry you through.

Let me leave a few ministry pointers with you from my personal life from one of my favorite Bible characters called Deborah. Deborah’s life has profound spiritual insights but I will share only 5 spiritual keys to victorious living and destiny making (Judges chapter 4). These keys will help you to be Destiny Makers. I found these keys to be true in my own life, and I believe they will be in yours too.

1. Deborah Heard GOD And Obeyed His Voice

The first and foundational key to victory is to hear God and obey His voice on a daily basis. Deborah chose to make God her dwelling place, where she ENQUIRED OF HIM daily. This is very crucial for everyone. What this does is when you hear Him you receive a supernatural anointing and this in turn makes you a very naturally supernatural person in all that you do without much effort. Depending much on our own wisdom does not take us very far. We are bound to fail at some point.

2. Deborah Was Righteously Indignant

She saw the oppression of her people over 20 years and she was righteously indignant. We must also feel similar indignation against Satan’s attacks, and there will be aplenty in your missionary ministry. Your communion with God gives you the authority to take a stand against the Enemy’s oppression and bind it in the name of Jesus. In seemingly difficult times when you face strife, financial failures, disharmony in the family, being unjustly treated by others or being exploited, facing hostile situations and being angry over small things around us–we can be righteously indignant.

3. Deborah’s Absolute Trust In GOD

We need to exercise absolute trust in God with all our heart as He is sovereign in all situations as we find in Prov 3:3-5. As part of trusting God we also need to read His Word daily and internalize His promises regularly deep into your heart and soul, and this only will give us the ability to trust absolutely. This requires a quiet trust in God because He leads us as we find in Psalm 23: “He leads you by still waters and He restores your soul, and leads you in the path of righteousness for HIS NAMES SAKE.”

4. Deborah Acted On The Promises Of GOD

The next key to victory lies in acting on God’s promises.
For example Deborah and Barak (who was actually the General of the army) were assured of victory because they battled according to God’s instructions after hearing His voice. I call this ‘one-step-at-a-time’ obedience. They were not to know plan “B’ or question either. Many times we want to know all the details and that becomes our weakness. Often the plans that God puts in our spirit may not make sense to our rational minds at the time and we want to rationalize so much because we are, or we think we are very smart people. But we simply need to obey and act on His promises. No matter how grave the situation may be, God’s promises and His Word do not change. I believe this obedience to act on God’s promises is the key. In my family’s life, we have been living on this very principle of hearing from God and living by faith and obedience came naturally because “GOD SAID SO” ! God has blessed us immensely as a result of this so that we can be a blessing to the nations today.

5. Deborah Experienced GOD’s Faithfulness

His foithfulness is fresh as the morning’s dew. God’s faithfulness gives us anointing that breaks the yoke of the enemy so that blessings can flow. There are many verses in the Bible that refer to God’s faithfulness such as in the song of Moses in Deuteronomy 32:4: “He is the Rock, his works are perfect, and all his ways are just. A faithful God who does no wrong upright and just is He” and in 1 Thess 5:24: “The one who calls you is faithful and He will do it.” My personal story of God’s faithfulness when I was only 14 years old- calling me to be a blessing to the nations, when I did not even understand what it meant. God has fulfilled His calling in my life as I now see myself being used of God in molding lives by teaching and mentoring leaders from the nations in BIU, helping them to realise their destiny to be DESTINY MAKERS. May the good Lord bless you as you return home, but don’t forget to pray together a family and don’t forget to practice these spiritual Keys. Always give glory and praise to God.