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Master of Arts in Missiology

The Master of Arts in Missiology (M.A.Miss.) is a bridge program for all pastors, Christian ministry workers, and Christian leaders who are interested in gaining deeper understanding of missiology for intercultural engagement, with a view to qualify as a candidate to enter the Doctoral.


  • 96 Credits
  • Minimal-residence
  • Supervisor-directed
  • Self-paced
  • Singaporeans Only. No Scholarships.


This program is specifically designed to facilitate the busy pastor, the church worker, and Christian leader in mind, hence it does not require classroom participation as such, although BIU’s regular classes are made available to them as part of the learning package at no additional charge.

The entire program will be completed under the supervision of a mentor appointed by the president. There are 12 modules listed, of which modules 1,2,3,9 and 12 are compulsory (Modules 1,2,3 need to be completed in residence /in class). The remaining 5 modules of 7.5 credits each may be selected from the list and completed under the guidance of the lecturer /supervisor.

Each elective module has a standard requirement of a research paper of about 40 pages on a research topic approved by the assigned professor which must be submitted to him /her for the final grade. After the successful completion of the required modules, a 90–100 page thesis (6 credits) must be completed under the supervision of the mentor as part of the requirement for the degree. After the thesis is successfully defended and approved, the candidate is considered to have passed, and will be put up for graduation. The graduation will be subject to settlement of dues and fulfilment of other regulations of the School as laid down in the STUDENT’S HANDBOOK.

To be completed by candidate. Any other area of a specific choice may be added to the list by mentor’s permission.

Modules to choose from

  1. Spiritual Formation 7.5
  2. Missionary Leadership    7.5
  3. Missions Perspectives    7.5
  4. Evangelism 7.5
  5. Theology Of Mission 7.5
  6. Missionary Strategy 7.5
  7. Missionary Education 7.5
  8. Philosophy Of Ministry In Missions 7.5
  9. Biblical Theology (12 Units of 2.5 credits each Required)  30.0
  10. Unreached People Group Profiling 7.5
  11. Urban Evangelism 7.5
  12. Thesis 6.0

Entry Qualifications


Must be a mature Christian with proven and tested Christian character with a passion for God and a compassion to reach the unreached with the Father’s love.


Must be a pastor, a mission worker or lay ministry staff worker, a business person associated with the local church missions and must be recommended by the pastor.


Must possess first degree (or its equal) & a degree in Bible & Theology (or its equal).


Must have been involved in missions (cross-cultural outreach work) in the local church in one way or the other for at least 5 years. Mature candidates may be given a waiver of undergraduate requirement But subject to approval.

General Information

Since this is a minimal residence required, supervisor directed, and self-paced program, the first requirement is to complete the residential component of four and half months conducted on the campus of BIU through which a candidate earns at 20 credits. (The Spiritual Formation and the Missionary Leadership areas of concentrations can be completed during this period of four and half months).

After completion of the residential component the student will work directly under the direction of the appointed supervisor through the Mentor.

Financial Information (SGD)

  • Fees: SGD 125 (per credit)
  • Field Trip: SGD 1500 (estimated) (exempted for career missionaries)*

*The School will arrange the trip for 2 weeks. If you have a family, you are encouraged to have them accompany you toward the end.