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Diploma in Biblical Theology

  1. Focus On The Bible

Tutor-directed Self-study course on the Bible to encourage students to study the Bible, rather than about the Bible. Appropriate study notes are given to help in the study of the Bible.

  1. Practical Applications To Life & Ministry Today

Emphasis is placed on applying Scriptures to life and ministry, than just studying about the people and events in the Bible.

  1. Development Of Skills To Handle The Word Of God

Participants are taught “how to fish” rather than being given “fish”, gaining skills to apply the Word of God.

  1. Building Biblical Foundations

A Christian serving in any area of ministry, needs to have strong Biblical Foundations for life and ministry. These foundations can be built in a reasonably short space of time (average of three years).

  1. Output Rather Than Input Is Assessed

One can attend the program focusing on the input alone (Just listening to the teaching), but those who also do the written assignments, will benefit much more (by a factor of more than  ten times!)

  1. Teaching The Whole Counsel Of God

It is important to teach the whole counsel of God, from Genesis to Revelation. This program encourages participants to complete all units. It is vastly different from the mere memory of some verses from the Bible, or studying selected topics and books of the Bible.

  1. Program Is Suitable For Busy People

Participants are encouraged to continue with their careers. The program is suitable for busy people, and a person can study at one’s own pace. The program is learner-friendly.


  • 72 Credits
  • Flexi Programme
  • Tutor-directed Self-paced
  • Self-paced


Each unit (a cluster of Bible books) is taught over a period of 10 weeks, but participants can study at their own pace and may complete the entire program anywhere from 24 to 36 months.


    • Genesis – Deuteronomy
    • Joshua – Esther
    • Isaiah – Ezekiel
    • Daniel – Malachi
    • Job – Song of Solomon
    • Matthew – John (Life Of Christ)
    • Acts Of The Apostles (The Early Church)
    • Romans & Galatians
    • 1 & 2 Corinthians
    • Ephesians – Philemon
    • Hebrew – Jude
    • Revelation

    General Information

    Entry Qualifications

    • Any born again Christian with ‘A’ levels or its and one who has a desire to serve God and wants to be trained to be an effective ministry leader in missions.
    • Must have ministry involvement related to pastoral and church-planting.
    • Must have church endorsement.

    Financial Information (SGD)

    • Fees: SGD 75 (per credit)
    • Notes: Nominal Fee